Planning Tools I've Tried and What I'm Still Using Two Semesters into my PhD

Nothing will work unless you do.

- Maya Angelou


Bullet Journal - Still Using

Grad school will test your organizational skills, time management and commitment to staying on task.

I Tried my hand at bullet journaling because I was looking for a planning solution that would give me control over what I track and give me the freedom to create routines.

Custom Excel Scheduler - Left Behind

I created an excel scheduler because I wanted the flexibility and control of a bullet journal but also want the convenience of a digital planning solution.

As much as I hoped I'd use this, I just didn't.

MyStudyLife - Left Behind

I wanted a scheduler specifically for course work and I could use as an app on my phone. If you are anything like me and you are living your 'Type A Student' best life, this just didn't give me the flexibility I needed.

The Kanban Board - Still Using

The tried and true Kanban board is still going strong and is in fact, the most used system out of the previous tools. If you organize best kinesthetically - like I do, this is a must.

I've upgraded this system with a laminated pieces which are attached to the board with magnets.

Out of all the tools I've tried, the Kanban board is Queen! A close second is the bullet journal, simply because I can add a mini kanban board within its pages and it fits in my purse.


You can watch the TikTok of me upgrading my kanban board below.