Let's Change the World

It's finally happening! I am finally 'gifting' my wisdom to the world - sort of. I've lived 32 years on this earth, living on minimum wage and sometimes even less than minimum wage. All in the pursuit of social responsibility as a civil servant, a volunteer and now an agent for change. I've grown much over the years but I still have so much to learn and I can't wait to share the bits of wisdom all of my peers, mentors, systematic racism, discrimination, and poverty have taught me about surviving life.

Let's talk about what this website is all about and how I'm able to afford paying for my very own domain!

What is Healed&Refreshed.com?

Healed & Refreshed is a space for all us working long hours in a thankless job, for those who are tired of being sick and tired of a system that pretends to be fair but never is, and for everyone who needs a change. Whether its something you can start now or need encouragement to start eventually, we all want the same thing - CHANGE.

“To think is difficult, to act is more difficult but to act as one is most difficult.” - Johann Wolfgang Von Goeth

An epic poet from the 18th century bursting through history to essentially say - get you're shit together world.

What have we learned?

From Johann to Martin Luther King Jr., the message has been clear, it has been loud - shouted at the top of our lungs for centuries. Yet we are still protesting, we are still crying and we are still living in an ignorant world.

Have we learned nothing? as human beings with the capacity to love and cherish one another with so much passion that we martyr ourselves for each movement, and every just cause when our ugliness surfaces.

Perhaps some haven't but if your reading this, I'd wager that you have.

We've learned that action comes from within, I can't tell you what to do and my words can only do so much. I have to get off my couch, spend my last 20 bucks, speak with confidence, and demand change.

And then I cry when change doesn't happen.

Change doesn't happen

If I'd stopped fighting after every failure I've experienced, I can't even imagine where I'd be today. With this wild innovative mind I have that wrote a book at age 20, learned to paint at age 22, became a chef,

a truck driver,

an educator,

an instacart driver,

a social worker,

a student,

a national volunteer,

a girl scout,

and an advocate for something bigger than myself and for someone whose voice has not been allowed to speak as loudly and as fiercely as mine has.

I cry when change doesn't happen, when we've all be fighting for so long and so hard but to watch the world around us waste a millennia to finally take 1 step forward and in a moment take 3 steps back.

Then I wipe my tears, take a deep breath and start all over again.”

I am changing the world

If you've ever had a supportive parent or mentor in your life, I applaud them. My mother has always told me that I'm intelligent, courageous, talented; she once told me that if I wanted to I could do absolutely anything I set my mind to and I believed her.

She also told me I was big-boned and that eating left-overs would get me sick - so mixed reviews on my mothers advice but overall, her encouragement is what propelled me to take the adventurous route with my life.

To me change looks like a community coming together for a common goal, an individual learning something new that improves their life, or finally figuring out how to take care of my soul as much as I try to take care of everyone else.

I am changing the world and so are you. So there's no sense in us not being friends and changing the world together!