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Thank you for visiting Healed & Refreshed, I hope you and those you love are safe and well in these intense times.

Let me introduce myself: My name is Tanya, I am the youngest of five children, I've lived in more states than I can count on both hands, I am a trauma survivor, a bunny mom, a black woman, and a mental health professional. My life's journey seems to have been a never ending twisting road, one that I always dreamed I'd have the courage to write about someday.  Well, someday is today; In The Long Way Round blog, I want to use my voice to spread positivity with a dose of reality and encourage action accompanied with accountability. 

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The 'Thriving in Poverty' series hopes to challenge the stigma of impoverished living and empower generations of poverty-stricken Americans to develop goals and aspirations not necessarily to get out of poverty but to improve their quality of life.


This series is a start to a journey towards self-reflection and empowerment, financial stability, and healing so that you can thrive in poverty and thrive in life.

Presentations from the Thriving in Poverty Series - Financial Security, Inner Balance, and External Stability.

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