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Thank you for visiting Healed & Refreshed, I hope you and those you love are safe and well in these intense times.

Let me introduce myself: My name is Tanya, I am the youngest of five children, I've lived in more states than I can count on both hands, I am a trauma survivor, a bunny mom, a black woman, and a mental health professional. My life's journey seems to have been a never ending twisting road, one that I always dreamed I'd have the courage to write about someday.  Well, someday is today; In The Long Way Round blog, I want to use my voice to spread positivity with a dose of reality and encourage action accompanied with accountability. I have a passion for supporting my peers and encouraging social change, we offer accessible and affordable tools in RefreshedAgain to help spread awareness and educate the public on equitable and equal quality of life for all.

Let's Take a Walk Together

Custom Workshops & Tools

This blog provides supportive tools for mental wellness, teaches life skills, and creates a safe space for culturally aware advocacy. Along with the printable tools available to subscribers, I also design workshops on a variety of topics and accompanying tools. You can find out more information about these products at RefreshedAgain - COMING SOON.

Advocacy & Education

Request speaking engagements or custom workshops, and increase event & fundraising efforts by being featured in a blog or advertising your cause. You can find out more about these opportunities by contacting me here.

The 'Other Me'

My self-care and mental wellness is extremely important to me. In order to make sure I get my regular dose of 'me time', I give myself one full day each week to focus only on my personal growth. I do this through pursuing my passions and making an effort to allow myself to simply be me.

This often involves several hours of video games, YouTube and binge-watching my favorite shows on Netflix. If you're interested in what I do when I'm not working towards global awareness and cultural change, feel free to follow me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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